匹兹堡, 2023年11月28日年- 迪士尼3彩乐园(纽约证券交易所代码:WAB)成为拉丁美洲渠道合作伙伴, Marinsa国际, recently signed a contract to supply the primary power for 10 new hybrid tractor tugboats for the Panama Canal Authority (ACP). 根据合同,Wabtec将为每艘拖船提供两台8L250MDA船用发动机. The marine engines will provide maximum availability with the lowest life-cycle cost for the vessel operators.

匹兹堡, 2023年11月6日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) released today its 2023 可持续性 Report highlighting the 公司’s vision and progress on key environmental, 社会, 和治理(ESG)承诺. 公司的战略是为更好的事业做出贡献, 通过其独特的业务提供更可持续的世界, 领先的技术, 可持续的商业实践, 同时为客户创造价值, 员工, 以及其他利益相关者.

宾夕法尼亚州伊利,10月. 31, 2023年——Wabtec及其启动客户, 罗伊山, 它是澳大利亚最成功的私营企业持有多数股权的领先铁矿石开采企业, 汉考克勘探, 已经庆祝了迪士尼3彩乐园电池迪士尼3彩乐园的首次亮相, 世界上第一个100%电池供电的, 干线重载迪士尼3彩乐园. 仪式揭开了独一无二的面纱, striking pink-colored locomotive at Wabtec’s design and development center in Pennsylvania in front of 员工, 客户主管, 还有政府和社区官员.
Wabtec Delivers Strong Third Quarter 2023 Results; Raises Full-Year Guidance

匹兹堡, 2023年10月25日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) today reported third quarter 2023 GAAP earnings per diluted share of $1.33, up 51.与2022年第三季度相比增长1%. 调整后每股摊薄收益为1美元.70, up 39.比去年同期增长了3%. 第三季度的销售额为2美元.550亿,上升了22亿.与去年同期相比增长了5%, 在货运和运输部门强劲销售的推动下. The 公司 generated strong operating cash flow of $425 million resulting in a cash conversion of 116% for the third quarter 2023.

匹兹堡,10月. 23, 2023 -- 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) will provide brakes and couplers for 640 MTA New York City 交通 (NYCT) train cars via its client Kawasaki Rail Car, 公司. The multi-million-dollar order for service-proven equipment provides seamless interoperability with other subway fleets in the New York City 交通 System (NYCTS). The commonality of brake control components across the fleets benefits the transit authority with maintainability and inventory advantages.

匹兹堡, 2023年10月20日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced today that its 董事会 declared a regular quarterly common dividend of 17 cents per share, 11月29日付款, 2023年的记录将于11月15日公布, 2023.

匹兹堡, 9月27日, 迪士尼3彩乐园(纽约证券交易所代码:WAB)宣布将在美国财政部公布2023年第三季度业绩.S. 金融市场将于2023年10月25日开放. The 公司 will conduct a conference call to discuss those results with analysts and investors at 8:30 a.m. 东部时间同日.

匹兹堡, 2023年9月11日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 today released the following statement about the purported antitrust complaint filed  last week by Progress Rail, 卡特彼勒公司. 公司.
Wabtec Delivers Strong Second Quarter 2023 Results; Raises Full-Year Guidance

匹兹堡, 2023年7月27日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) today reported second quarter 2023 GAAP earnings per diluted share of $1.06, up 16.与2022年第二季度相比增长了5%. 调整后每股摊薄收益为1美元.41, up 14.比去年同期增长了6%. 第二季度的销售额为2美元.410亿,上升了17亿.与去年第二季度相比增长了5%, 在货运和运输部门强劲销售的推动下. 公司在2023年第二季度产生了1.15亿美元的运营现金流.

蒙特利尔和匹兹堡, 2023年7月26日 – CN (TSX: CNR) (纽交所: CNI) and 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced an order to enhance an additional 60 locomotives in CN’s existing fleet through Wabtec’s modernization program. The investment supports CN’s commitment to drive growth in a sustainable manner and build success for customers, 员工和社区.
Wabtec 数字矿山 securities与全球矿业公司达成3笔交易,500代第三代防撞系统

匹兹堡, 2023年7月24日年- Wabtec(纽交所代码:WAB)数字矿山, 创新采矿解决方案的领先供应商, 宣布公司收到3个系列订单,500 of its new Generation 3 Collision Avoidance System (Gen 3 CAS) from three major global mining companies. The capabilities of the new system will drive performance and safety improvements at the customers’ mining operations.

匹兹堡, 2023年7月20日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced today that its 董事会 declared a regular quarterly common dividend of 17 cents per share, 8月28日付款, 2023, 于8月14日举行, 2023.
Vale Partners with Wabtec on Alternative Fuels Study and Orders Three 迪士尼3彩乐园 Battery-Electric 迪士尼3彩乐园s

里约热内卢, 2023年7月13日 - Vale announced a partnership with 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) to advance the decarbonization of the 公司's rail operations. The deal includes an order for three of Wabtec’s 迪士尼3彩乐园 battery locomotives and a collaboration to test ammonia as a potential clean, 替代柴油的替代燃料.
瓦伯泰克与PT IMECO达成最大的零部件协议,为PT KAI的迪士尼3彩乐园车队提供支持

匹兹堡, 2023年7月10日 — 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) entered into a multi-year parts agreement with PT Imeco Inter Sarana (PT IMECO) that will support PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s (PT KAI) 150 locomotive fleet. The $190 million dollar agreement provides service kits and training to PT KAI for efficient maintenance of its locomotive fleet in the region. This technical support allows PT KAI to focus on the improvement and expansion of their passenger and freight movement service.

匹兹堡, 2023年7月6日 -- 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) won a prestigious contract to supply passenger information systems (PIS) and pantographs for up to 504 Stadler cars as part of the VDV Tram-Train project. The order will enhance the passenger experience and power the new train cars for the transit consortium led jointly by six transportation companies from German and Austria.